6 Coworking Places or Spaces In Davao

Are you searching for best coworking place for you? The article can solve your question!


What is Coworking Place?

A coworking place, also known as a coworking space or shared workspace, is a type of working environment where individuals from different companies, industries, and backgrounds work alongside each other in a shared office space.

Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces are usually open-concept areas that offer a variety of workstations, such as hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and common areas. Members can choose the type of space that suits their needs and can usually rent the space on a flexible basis, ranging from hourly, daily, monthly or longer term.

Coworking spaces also provide access to various shared resources, including office equipment, Wi-Fi, kitchen, meeting rooms, and other amenities. They are often designed to foster collaboration and networking among members, which can lead to new ideas and business opportunities.

Coworking spaces are popular among freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, startups, and small businesses. They offer a cost-effective way to work in a professional environment and enjoy the benefits of a community.


How to Choose the best Coworking place for you

Choosing the best coworking place for yourself can be a personal decision based on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors you should consider before choosing a coworking place:

  1. Location: Choose a location that is convenient for you and accessible via public transportation, parking, or bike paths.
  2. Amenities: Look for a coworking place that offers the amenities you need, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printers, scanners, and phone booths.
  3. Community: Evaluate the community and culture of the coworking place. Do they host events and social activities? Do they have a supportive and friendly community?
  4. Price: Consider the price of the coworking place and ensure that it fits your budget. Some coworking places offer flexible plans based on your usage.
  5. Security: Check the security measures of the coworking place, such as secure entry systems, lockers, and security cameras.
  6. Availability: Ensure that the coworking place has available space for you to use when you need it, especially during peak hours.
  7. Special needs: If you have any special needs, such as disability access or specific working requirements, ensure that the coworking place can accommodate your needs.

Overall, the best way to choose a coworking place is to visit a few of them, try them out, and evaluate which one suits your needs and preferences the most. Most coworking spaces offer free tours, and some even offer free trial periods, so take advantage of those opportunities to get a feel for the space before committing.


6 great Coworking Places or Spaces in Davao!

Here are 6 Coworking places or spaces where you can work comfortably or think the new business.


Room Koe Lounge – Davao

If you are searching for the Good coworking place to work, study, think a new thing, start-up space and so on, Room Koe Lounge – Davao is one of the good choices.

Well organized desks and chairs are prepared here so good for the creative work. Also the staff is friendly so if you share your thinking about the business idea, they might help you or give you an opinion.

If you want to start something in Davao, please go here and start your business at once!

Facebook page is here


StartUpz Co-Working Space

If you have urgent tasks in Davao and need the strong Wifi, we recommend this place for you. StartUpz Co-Working Space is the coworking place in Davao which has strong Wifi connection and comfortable work space. The Wifi speed is “400M” bps!! The desk and chair is for business perpose so you can do the long time work as well.

Some freelancers or engineers are working here so you would focus on working. You have to may 65 pesos per hour but you can dring free coffee. If you are searching for a great working place, try to come here. Now, the place is 24 hours available! There are some foreigner’s users so visitors in Davao can also use here.

Facebook Page : here


YOYO Coworking and Leasing

If you are searching for the malti-function coworking space, YOYO Coworking is a good choice. They have cafe, parking area, sound and quite area and printer and projecter with strong WIFI connection.

You can also order delicious cakes and pastries so the day would be exciting!  You can check there Facebook page from here.


Diaskepsi Co-Working Hub

If you want to use a Gorgeous Coworking Place, I recommend here, Diaskepsi Co-Working Hub. There are good quality desks and chairs so you can enjoy working with a rich feeling. They have miltipul plans like per hour uses or daily uses and so on. You can use the place according to your plans!

If you are curious of the place, please visit the Facebook page here.


DreamSpace Co-Working Space and Study lounge

If you want to work or study but no PC, this place “DreamSpace Co-Working Space and Study lounge” might be the best choice. They already have a lot of PC so you can use them. They also supply Computer Set, Headphone with Mic, Web Camera, Printer, Air-condition with strong WIFI and Secuirty Cameras.

The coworking place is located in Matina so if you are searching for a coworking space in matina, you can visit here!

Their Facebook page is here.


Work-Co coworking and study cafe

If you are searching for the reasonable price coworking space, Work-Co coworking and study cafe might the best solution. The price is only 40 pesos/hour so you can work or study without thinking of the money. The place is cheaper than other places, you can use with ease.

You can also order the delicious and reasonable price drinks here as well. If you are curious of here, please check Facebook page here


Explore Davao and Find the Best Working Place for you!

If you find the best working place, your work would be funnier and more exited! Please try to use those coworking spaces and please enjoy working in Davao!

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