Mossa Cafe + Bakery: Food and Dessert Haven in Damosa, Davao City

Located at Damosa IT Park, Davao City, Mossa Cafe + Bakery is one of the restaurants you shouldn’t miss. In their menu, they serve delectable dishes that you can find in a decent fine dining restaurant but in a budget.


They also serve a variety of keto diet dishes perfect for those who are carb conscious like bread, pasta, low carb meals and many more. (If you are on a keto diet, this is simply a MUST visit Restaurant!)


But don’t think you could not eat out in this restaurant coz you certainly can with their sumptuous pasta or rice dishes and to finish it with heavenly desserts; their cakes, maiz con yelo and many more will totally make you tummies full in a hearty meal!



Must-try food in Mossa Cafe

I’ll introduce Must-try food in Mossa Care. Are you excited?



Must-try food in Mossa Cafe

So let’s get down to the dish we picked for the day:  Keto pesto pasta with basil pesto sauce and herbed focaccia bread

The plating looks like it came from an expensive restaurant. You wouldn’t believe that this plate only costs 195.00 php (4.00 US dollars).


The pasta is simply delicious! For someone like me who loved pesto, they outdid themselves in this dish. Served hot, you knew the pasta is homemade and freshly baked. For this fact alone, it is simply something I would want to go back to.


The bread is a treat for bread lovers out there! Freshly baked as well, you can smell the herbs, white wine and other ingredients added to it before you take a bite.


The basil pesto sauce is the cream at the top for this plate. It simply completes the mild, tangy flavor of it that complements the pasta dish. This plate alone is worth every penny!


Heavenly Delicious Desert  “moist Chocolate Cake”

And then for our dessert…we picked the Moist Cake that caught our eye.


In face value, it does look it still came from a fine dining resto. I love how simple and classy the design for this cake. The splashed white chocolate at the top reminds me of a splattered ink…and I love it! Too artistic and textbook! This cake costs only 130php (2.+US dollars).


And the taste? It is totally mind blowing and heavenly! I haven’t tasted a moist cake like this for quite sometime. True enough there are alot of moist cakes that can be bought in Davao City but this one is simply unforgettable! Inside the cake is saturated with chocolate syrup but not too sweet nor bland. The cake is chewy and filled with white chocolate as well the same with the splattered white chocolate cream on top of the cake. The cake is simply divine and so underrated I could not stress it out how I love their moist cake.



The information of Mossa Cafe

Are you interested in this restaurant? Would you like to visit this place? Let us know what you think!


Overall, I could rate the place 5/5. The place is cozy, perfect for a quiet meal or to grab a snack. The staff are very friendly and accommodating, a truly comfortable experience. And the food? You’d want to keep coming back here just to try all their dishes.

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