Kushiya Dining – Japanese Food in a budget in Damosa, Lanang Davao City

If you are near in Damosa,  Lanang, there is a great place to eat Japanese cuisines without hurting your pockets.


Along busy restaurants lining up in Aliongto, Kushiya Dining stood up as the only Japanese Restaurant among the area. The place serve authentic Japanese cuisines that would definitely satisfy your cravings! They have a wide variety of dishes like grilled chicken, grilled pork, ramen, okonomiyaki, fried food and many more (they also have sake or rice wine to drink) favorite staple dishes from the land of the rising sun!


Best-Selling Food in Kushiya Dining

I will introduce Best-Selling Food in Jushiya Dining!


Must-try food Yakitori

First, we want to satisfy ourselves in a mouth-watering grilled dishes.

We picked two types of grilled chicken: Kashiwa (grilled chicken) and Negima (grilled chicken with leek onion) both only cost 79php pesos (That is 1.+us dollars). It is totally a done deal!

Both dish is marinated and soaked in a Japanese sweet sauce and grilled medium-well done. Served hot and fresh, the freshly grilled chicken smells exciting!

The grilled chicken tasted delicious and we weren’t disappointed. The savory sauce seeped into the tender chicken and you can taste the sauce even inside the meat.

The Negima has a distinction of taste due to the leek onion. It has a succulent balance of foreign taste exploding in your mouth!


Main Dish: The Must-Try Tonkotsu Ramen

And the star of the dish, we couldn’t just leave without trying out their must-try ramen.

The WOW Bowl: We picked Tonkotsu ramen which costs only 220php (4.+us dollars). A truly affordable medium-sized bowl of ramen that would already make your stomach full.

Tonkotsu ramen is served with pork chop, bean sprouts, naruto cuts, boiled egg, sliced green onions, seafood broth and authentic Japanese noodles. They even served it piping hot!

And the taste? Extremely satisfying!

I tasted the broth first and the soup itself has a real seafood treat but with the exemption of the pork floating in the bowl. The soup is not light but not heavy either. A seafood lover would totally enjoy sipping this bowl till the last drop.

The noodles texture tasted like silk in the mouth. I really love how perfectly cooked it is.

And the pork cut melted in my mouth! The slice of meat is really tasty!


Location and address:

Door 8, Rowi Square, Mamay Rd, Lanang Davao City


What do you think of this Japanese Restaurant? Have you been to this place already?

Overall, we really love our slight lunch here in Kushiya Dining. The place is really great, relaxing even in the afternoon sun and the ambiance has a really nice touch of  Japanese furniture, chairs and counter.

And the food had satisfied our cravings! We would love to try everything in the menu especially that the price is just right for filipinos. It is indeed student and budget friendly.

The staff are very friendly and everyone has a sweet smile on their faces (but of course, that is behind the face mask). You can see their eyes smiling and being greeted when entering and going out in the restaurant is really a pleasant experience and truly Japanese! It is easy to feel at home and comfortable in the place.

And all I can say is, Gochisousamadeshita! (Thank you for the food!).


There Facebook Page is here

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